• PREMIUM QUALITY RAW MATERIAL: Natural wood pulp is the pulp of completely natural wood, which is the highest quality of napkins. Only wood pulp used for the first time can be called the natural wood pulp. Usually, its fiber content is about 80% or more, so the napkin made of natural wood pulp is even, delicate and healthier.
  • FLEXIBLE, COMFORTABLE, ABSORBENT: Natural wood pulp is mainly divided into Hardwood pulp and Softwood pulp. The hardwood pulp is shorter fiber and is softer, that can make the napkin more comfortable, but the strength is lower. The texture of the softwood pulp is longer and can enhance the flexibility of the napkin. Usually, the high-quality napkin is mixed with two kinds of wood pulp to make it flexible, comfortable and absorbent.
  • Large Size & Heavy-duty Disposable Hand Towels: Make your every guest feel special using these disposable paper towels, smooth and has a size of 16 x 16 inches when unfolded that guests can thoroughly dry their hands on one towel. Not only your guests will feel exceptional, but also safe as you can prevent cross contamination and the spread of any infectious disease.
  • Practical & Convenient: Comparison using a regular table cloth napkin, these disposable paper guest towels are far more efficient to use when you're having a big event such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year Eve's house party which saves your time doing laundry. Hygienic and hassle-free which will leave your guests fresh and clean after having a great dinner at your very own home.
  • Eco-friendly & Biodegradable: Our disposable paper hand towels have a strong construction and made of a superior quality substance which you can utilize guilt-free. Quick and easy to use and dispose and environment-friendly that you're not only protecting your guests but also mother nature. A must-have home essential that is at a great value for your money.

LEKOCH Green Air-laid Napkins Paper Hand Towels Pack of 50

  • Brand: LEKOCH

    Material: Natural wood pulp

    Color: Green

    Size: 8" x 8" Folded; 16" x 16" Unfolded

    Style: 1/4 Fold

    Quantity: 50 pieces napkins per box

    Features: Disposable, Absorbent, Durable and Soft

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