Why Bamboo Fibre Tableware?

Hi! Welcome again to our blog post. As you can see from the title, we are here to introduce you to our latest invention, which is, Bamboo Fibre Tableware!

As you know nowadays that our world has been polluted by plastic and this problem has been arising lately. Therefore, we decided to release a product that not only use plastic or paper, but using Bamboo Fibre.

Regardless of its quality that it is made of nature, our Bamboo Fibre products come in handy with a good quality products. It also has some special features, such as, Eco-friendly as it is made of plants properties. Secondly, it has anti-bacterial properties so you no longer have to worry whether it will be harmful for the kids or your families.

Finally, it is also FDA-checked and recyclable, unlike plastic.

The reason why we suggest that we start using Bamboo Fibre is that: 1.Bamboo Fibre products are durable and lasts longer than paper 2.Tableware made of bamboo fibre is eco-friendly and thus making it biodegradable 3. No more harmful chemical that can harm our body (bamboo fibre and corn starch) 4. It can be used in many occasion, like for example when you are at a casual party or simply when you are just having your meal in a restaurant 5. Compare to other materials, like ceramic, Bamboo Fibre tableware is considered lightweight products. 6. It is easy to clean. Simple wipe it off by using wet tissue and you are all set. To clean our Bamboo Fibre Tableware is simple, use lukewarm water up to 70oC (not hot water) and you can also put it in the dishwasher, too! 7. It is also microwave-able! So if there is any leftover food you can just simply put it inside the microwave. However, we suggest that it is not longer than 5 minutes!

Making a change is certainly not easy but it all starts with a small step. And you can also help our earth to become green and clean by using less-pollutant product and use more plant based products just like what we do with Bamboo Fibre Tableware! For a better future, cheers!

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