When do we need to use Air-laid Napkin?

Here we comes again with just another blog post! As previously we discussed on why do we need to use Air-Laid Napkin instead of a Cloth Napkins. And now, we are back again to discuss further on what kind of occasion LEKOCH Air-Laid Napkin can be used.

Knowing that AirLaid Napkin is disposable, recyclable, and renewable natural resources, LEKOCH Air-Laid Napkin can be used depending on whether the event that you are holding is formal, semi-formal, or informal and also the location of the event. The venue where you are holding your event may also include cloth napkins together with the table settings. However, if you decide to rent table cloths for the event you are holding, then Cloth Napkins is the way to go for. When it comes to a formal occasion, Cloth Napkins are more suitable.

However, if you are planning for a more casual or informal event, for example, if the event is held in your backyard or outdoor events, then it is good that you choose Air-Laid Napkins as it would definitely be more efficient and sufficient for this kind of occasion. Also, note that if you are going to have a messy family gathering, such as, BBQ, then more quantities of Air-Laid Napkins are needed!

So, by the end of this blog post, without no doubt, you can already decide which kind of napkins that you can go for the event that you are going to hold. Just make sure that you have fun, enjoy the event, and make sure that your guests will enjoy the event too! See you in the next post!

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