The Benefit of Using Air-laid Napkin

The high quality Air-laid napkins will make a great addition to any occasion.

Environmentally-friendly Air-laid Paper Napkin

Air-laid paper offers an environmentally-friendly product, great for Eco-conscious operators. It's made by converting soft, random-laid fibers made from wood pulp or synthetic fibers into a sturdy and absorbent web, using air instead of water to transfer the fibers. Synthetic resin bonding agents are then applied to the pulp web with a spray process. The air space created in manufacturing the web accounts for its light weight in comparison to its bulk.

Commodity Paper Napkins vs. Air-laid Paper Napkin

On average, each person will use 3-5 commodity paper napkins per sitting. If you use tabletop dispensers or leave stacks of napkins on each table, this number can double or even triple. The majority of these napkins are unused and simply thrown away when bussing tables.

The easiest way to control waste is to control usage. One Air-laid paper Napkin is absorbent enough to last an entire meal. Imagine how much money and storage space you can save by reducing each person’s napkin usage down to 1 per meal.

The Main Characteristics of the Air-laid Paper Napkin

Compared with normal paper, air-laid paper is much softer, fluffier, and more porous.  It has good water absorption properties and is much stronger compared with normal tissue.

  • Soft, does not scratch.

  • Non-linting, no dust, no static.

  • Strong, even when wet, can be rinsed and reused.

  • Clean, hygienic, can be sterilized.

  • Textile-like surface and drape

Modern Elegant Air-laid Paper Napkin

Make your life and the life of your guests and friends a little more elegant and smooth with Disposable Air-laid paper Napkin. In the bathroom for drying hands and face, on the table for impressing party and wedding guests, in the kitchen for wiping tables and counters, these Air-laid paper Napkin can do it all.

You can use the Air-laid Paper napkins not only as table decoration. Fold your napkin or use the paper napkin for crafting napkin technology or decoupage. Lekoch Napkins are the perfect premium paper napkins for taking care of life’s little messes, so definitely give them a try.

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