How to create a good packaging?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Hi! Welcome again to our blog post. As what we have mentioned in the previous post, this time we are going to discuss further about our promising packaging style!

Besides its good and awesome features, it also comes with a great packaging so that it can ensure our customer to enjoy its good abilities at its fullest. It comes with a paper on top each of its dishes and also has a carton that shape exactly like the product, to make sure that it will not move while it is shipped to your doorstep.

Our Bamboo Fibre Tableware has a lot of range, such as,Plate Set, Bowl Set, Kettle Set, Children Set, Christmas Set, Cup Set, Salad Set, and last but not least Complete Set. Our complete set, also range from 4 up to 16 pieces, bowl and cup are included, making it suitable for any occasion with bunch of people. Moreover, it also has different kind of colors too, such as, green, blue, neutral color, light beige, light blue, and light green.

For any of you if you are struggling to get your kids to sit and eat their meal, you do not have to chase them around anymore too! Simply use our Kids Set Bamboo Fibre Tableware and you can attract their attention.

With our latest release, which is Bamboo Fibre Tableware, we hope that it can contribute to help our mother-earth to be better for its future generations. Start with a small step by using less plastic and changing to plant-based products. Everything big starts with a small step and it starts with you.

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