A home is not a house; for a home is where your heart is.

Lekoch is A promise to beloved father



Dear fellow readers, it is nice to finally see you. My name is Maya and I am the founder of LEKOCH®. To think back about the past, creating LEKOCH® is hard but I could manage to figure out how to handle it. It has been almost 20 years since I started working and I have dedicated my whole life for it. Thus, I started up LEKOCH® to make a new change to my life by pouring my inspiration and also to improve the quality of my life. In fact, the most important reason why I started LEKOCH® is that I have made a promise to my beloved father.

Father is still alive

When I was 8 years old, my father passed away accidentally. Ever since then, I avoided talking about my father during all my childhood life. Every time I see another child holding hands with his/her father, it will remind me about my long lost Father and I become very sad. I always try to convince myself that my father is still alive. He would only be away for a while and one day he would come back to me. There was a time when I was waiting for the bus, then I suddenly saw someone that looked like my father. With a rush, I tried to run to him to see if it was my father. Turned out, it was not my father. But just to look at someone who was similar to him made me feel warm inside and I still believe that one day he will come back, we will be sitting together at the table, enjoying our dinner, and having a talk about the things that he has been missing out lately. Wish we could just spend the whole day like that.

Happiness to people


The reason why I write this to you all is that I hope that you can accept the way your parents express their love to you. Knowing that every parent is different. Some fathers are strict, some are funny and full of jokes. Some mothers may talk too much and nag all the time. You may think that your parents do not love you as much as she loves your sisters but trusts me, they love you all the same and consider you as their treasures they never want to lose. Spend time with your parents, talk with them, ask them how their days have been, shower them with love. Because as we are growing up, we often forget that our parents are also getting older. Say "I love you" more often because time is ticking.

I still hope that even during a difficult time in life, I wish my father would wrap me in his arms. Even during the happiest time of my life, I also want to hug him and share him my happiness too. I made a promise to him and to myself that I will bring happiness to people!


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